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Say hi to Builders Club 👋

Launch TBA!

Builders Club is where we first introduce our products, so if you like to be first out with the new it’s the place to be!

Members subscribe to get a monthly goodiebox with our most recent inventions, ready to tweak and tinker with.

Don’t get us wrong, but this is not your typical makers club where we try to teach you stuff about electronics and computers by blinking LEDs and make some servos rotate X degrees in Y milliseconds. No, this is building stuff as how you integrate it into your life and make the tech work for you. Plus the self-assembly factor, of course.

Cool, what else?

Here’s the highlights:

  • ❤️ Become a member (249,- NOK / month)
  • 📬 Get first month for free
  • 👩🏼‍🔧 Enjoy a steady supply of new projects
  • 🔓 Cancel anytime

Once a member, you’re part of the family. Members subscribe to get a fresh thing to play with on a monthly basis. There will be other benefits as well, like family discount on everything we sell and who knows what might be happening down the road.

What kind of stuff are you making?

What would you like to see? That’s another awesome thing about Builders Club, we develop things our members want as far as it’s possible. Since we haven’t opened up for members just yet, we’ve been talking to prospecting members and have some cool things to show!

Contrary IOs modular multi sensor

Contrary IOs multisensor concept

This baby is powered by a USB Type A connected power supply (you probably got at least four of them laying around, unused), but can just as easily be connected to our battery pack module.

We use these super cool connectors that makes it easy to add more sensors, a different power supply or different “connectivity packs” (WiFi or ZigBee for starters) depending on your needs or preferences. All of this without ending up with a bulky product, that’s obviously really important when you stack things vertically.

So you’re probably getting some ideas already how we’re able to ship something new every month and still provide value through these individual modules.

Skill-wise, what are we talking?

As much as we like to offer products that anyone can build, we need to start in one end and work our way forward. Builders Club will therefore launch for people that probably own their own solder gun, can write some code or simply isn’t intimidated to figure out what needs figuring out.

Our overall roadmap looks something like this:

Step 1: 👾 Hacker track (first to open)

If you join the hacker track you’ll get access to our experimental products. We design the product from schematics to exterior, source the parts and fabricate the PCB as a minimum, but the rest is really up to you.

Step 2: 👨‍💻 Hobbyist track

The hobbyist track is great for people that know a lot more about software than hardware! Sure, you might need to fasten a couple of screws or connect some pin headers but otherwise you’ll be ready to play in no time with ready-made APIs and integrations.

Step 3: 🛒 Heyday track

When this track opens, it will be like getting a product from a regular store. Easy assembly and ready made apps for that plug and play experience.

Where do I sign up?

Builders Club hasn’t launched yet, but if you let us send you email updates we’ll make sure you’ll know when we do!

*Occasional meaning 1 - 2 times per month

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